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Hi there.

I’m Marlena Eva (formerly known as Marlena Bontas), a quirky, introverted mental health coach who will help you manifest a brighter and stress-free tomorrow using the Law of Attraction.

I’ve been introduced to the Law of Attraction since 2007 or so and have applied its valuable teachings ever since.

My first life-altering manifestation was winning an admission place in one of the top research universities in Europe, the University of Helsinki. Before applying to study for a Master’s degree, I have visualised day and night how ‘it would feel’ for me to live in Finland. Where would I go, who would I meet and what I’d do there. I can tell you now, looking back over the years, I have manifested everything I imagined I’d do.

I spent 11 years living in one of the most northern countries in Europe and I can now say it was one of the best and worst experiences of my life.

But even though my journey abroad had a lot of rocks on the road (so many rocks that I got constantly bruised while walking) I would not change it for a minute.

Manifesting your best life using your Imagination

If I could manifest such a big, life-altering experience that changed me for the better, you can do it, too. You can manifest your most ideal life, in your ideal environment, embodying your IDEAL SELF.

I am here to support you through the process of changing your self-concept from ‘It is hard for me to believe I can do THAT’ to ‘I totally DID THAT!’

You can head over my Blog to find out tips on how to embody your ideal self from calming your mind when you feel stressed or anxious to using affirmations, meditations, and visualizations to make a quantum jump into your new, awesome mindset.

Happy manifesting!

lake in Finland, photo by Daniel Spase